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Revolv + Google Glass


By now chances are you’ve heard of Google Glass. Perhaps you’ve even seen someone walking around sporting the futuristic, Geordi-like device. With only 2,000 of these bad boys currently in the wild, our team considers ourselves pretty lucky to have not one, but two pairs in our office to play with.

And of course, if you put some amazing, brand new technology in a room with a bunch of hardware geeks, magical sparks will fly. Today we’re excited to show you what one of our engineers has come up with: Utilizing the Google Glass API and our very own Revolv smart home automation technology, he’ll show you what very well could be the future of the connected home. Take a look, share with your friends, and let us know your thoughts!

Here are a few screenshots of the Revolv Smart Home App for Google Glass

droidAtScreen-02-352 droidAtScreen-07-374 droidAtScreen-11-388 droidAtScreen-15-399 droidAtScreen-16-401

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    i think this is totally amazing when can i get to try these glasses out, and what are the possibility’s for these do they have wi fi how do they connect to devices

  2. Keith

    Has there been any talk of allowing Revolv to work in tandem with the Ivee personal assistant? Seems Ivee has a useful voice command feature, but lacks the massive wireless technologies that Revolv has. It seems like the two would be a nice pair.

  3. Revolv Team

    Hi Keith – Great question! We certainly admire the Ivee product and would love to work with it. We won’t support it right out of the gate, but we’ll look to support it down the road for sure.

  4. José Garza

    Hello, first Of ALL congratulations for the App its preatty amazing, i have Google glass, sonos and philps hue, can i be a beta tester ? Im really proud if o can.

    Again, cogratulations.

    José Garza
    Monterrey, MX

    • Revolv Team

      This was actually just an experiment by one of our engineers; we won’t be looking to build a publicly available Glass app for some time. Sorry about that!

  5. tim

    I have glass, nest and TCP lighting. I hope you add TCP to your list of products. I would love to use voice commands to control the lighting. If so I would buy it same day. Great work

  6. Badr Dahlan

    is it integratable with Bose system.

    • Revolv Team

      Not yet, but if you’d like to vote on it on, we’d appreciate your input!

  7. Dave

    Dear Revolv, I would love to be a Google glass beta tester. I have glass and have been designing and testing a new revolv whole home system that I’m installing starting next week.

    • Revolv Team

      Hi Dave – This was just a side project of one of our engineers. While bringing this concept to reality might happen in the future, it’s something we’re not focused on at the moment. But thanks for your interest!