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It’s Official: Android Support Is Here


Today we’re excited to announce that, after months of hard work, designing, programming, debugging, and more cups of coffee than we could possibly count, the Revolv Android App is officially available in the Google Play Store.

If you already own a Revolv and have set it up with an iOS device, you can send yourself an invite code from the Revolv App. For those of you solely on Android, smart home awesomation is just a Flashlink away.


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A few images from our beautiful new app:



  1. TLS

    It would be nice if you could remove the country restriction as some of your customers don’t live in the US and as such can’t download the app…

    • Revolv Team

      Unfortunately we can’t do that. We do not ship our Hub outside of the US because we’ve yet to test it with FCC regulations outside of this country, and therefore it is technically illegal anywhere but the US. Because of this, we do not publish our app in the Play Store or iTunes Store outside of the United States. So sorry about that! When we’re ready to move internationally, we’ll let you know :)

  2. Davieboy Moore

    Another international user here. A little bit disappointed…

    I am also curious what testing is needed for “FCC regulations outside this country”. FCC’s capacity is limited to the US (it does include communications originating from within the US to other nations, but I dont the revolv communicates internationally)…

    This seems like a decision that was made in error…

  3. Techboy

    Nice addition to the app choices. Is there a Windows Phone/ Windows 8 modern app on the way? this would seal the deal for me to make the move from my ISY Hub. thanks

    • Revolv Team

      We don’t have any plans for a Windows Phone app just yet, but we’d love if you could vote on it’s creation on Thanks!

  4. TLS

    Indeed, that’s a load of hogwash.
    It’s an app and not a piece of hardware.
    How people outside of the US acquired the hardware shouldn’t matter to you guys.
    Thanks for nothing, I’ve wasted a ton of money on a product I can’t even use…