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One Hub. One App.

One unified smart home.

Revolv: The Universal Smart Home Hub & App
Finally, one simple answer for unifying, controlling, and automating all of your favorite Smart Home and connected devices.

See how you can control your entire home

We work great with

  • Belkin
  • Yale
  • Hue
  • Sonos
  • Insteon
  • Honeywell
  • Ge
  • Kwikset
  • And More

But that’s not all. Check out all the devices we support.

Harmonize Your Smart Home

Revolv enables you to harmonize multiple smart home products, allowing them to work in concert with each other. Now you can unify your smart home devices in one app, allowing them to communicate with one another without barriers.

Benefits of Revolv

  • Seamlessly bring together the top smart connected brands
  • Home/remote control of lights, locks, thermostats & more
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your home is safe & secure
  • Conserve energy automatically while away from home
  • Create customized experiences around your lifestyle

Universal control of the smart home, wirelessly

  • Connecting the Hub to your local Wi-Fi network couldn’t be easier. Just plug it in to a central location that provides the best signal range to all your devices. No Ethernet cable required. Then use Revolv’s proprietary Flash Link™ technology, which harnesses your smartphone’s camera flash, to transfer your Wi-Fi information to the Hub in seconds. It’s that simple.

See how to setup Revolv in just 60-seconds

Revolv app

Control everything, instantly

We love simplicity and great design. Using the free Revolv app, simply and elegantly control of all your devices, either individually or together as an Action. Devices can even control each other with Actions. You’ll love our sleek, intuitive, and streamlined user interface to control all of your favorite connected home devices.

Gain Insight, Command & Control of Your Home

Whether on vacation, planning a date night, or remotely controlling lights and locks, the ‘Home’ dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of all the devices in your home. With a quick glance, see your home’s current status, access and control all your favorite devices, or easily setup device-to-device automated actions around your lifestyle. Why can’t all the devices you love work together? Now they can.

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Made Easy

Once all of your devices are visible in the Revolv app, they can start interacting with each other based on automated ‘Actions’. These Actions enable any number of devices to operate together seamlessly based on a triggered event that you define. Revolv provides four types of Actions for you to customize:

Select an Action

  • GeoSense
  • Time Based
  • Device-to-Device
  • On Demand
  • GeoSense™

    Orchestrate your connected devices to trigger automatically when you are nearing or leaving your home, using your smartphone’s geo-location. All without your phone ever leaving your pocket.

  • Time Based

    Schedule smart devices to operate according to a preset, time-and-day-specific schedule, or upon sunrise / sunset.

  • Device-to-Device

    Allow your connected home devices to control each other. Switches can open locks, motion detectors can turn on light bulbs and locks can trigger music playing or pausing. The possibilities are endless, and entirely in your control.

  • On Demand

    Setup device control by double-tapping a single button in your Revolv home screen. You can even assign On Demand Actions to an Insteon Remote so you can control your home without your smartphone.

Join the Party

What’s In The Box

  • Revolv Smart Home Solution (Hub & iOS App)
  • Power Cable & 60 Second ‘Getting Started Guide’
  • Free lifetime service subscription
  • Free monthly updates for additional device support
  • Free future firmware updates to automatically activate new radios

Try it risk free with our 30-day money back guarantee. And we’ll pay for shipping too.


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